How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

woman holding second hand clothes


By doubling the life of clothing from one to two years, we can help reduce emissions from clothing production and disposal by as much as 24%. Now we know not all clothing is made to last, but hopefully some of these tips and tricks below will help you extend the life of your favourite garments by a few months or even years.

Wash Less

Not only are clothes likely to have their colouring fade in a washing machine but it also tends to stretch the elastic. So if your clothes start to smell, wash them. And if there is a visible stain, wash them too. But otherwise, try wearing your garments a few times each before you throw them in the wash. 

Use a Delicates Bag

Just because you can add your undies and swimsuits in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes doesn't mean you should. Protect your intimates and invest in a delicates bag.

someone holding a thread and scissors about to fix their clothes

Cut back on the amount of detergent

You would think that the more detergent used, the more clean your clothes will be, right? Wrong. A large amount of detergent can make your clothes more dull and stiff. Try using half the usual amount and add half a cup of baking soda, which acts as a detergent booster. Not only will your clothes be just as clean, but you’ll be saving money and causing less harm for the environment. Win win!

Wash Inside Out

To help prevent all of your favourite garments from fading or from your t-shirt prints from cracking, try washing them inside out. This will prevent wear and tear on the outer finish, help prevent pilling and limit color fading.

Use a Clothesline or Drying Rack


Other than saving you money on the electricity bill, using a clothesline or drying rack will avoid your clothing from overheating and potential shrinking in the dryer. Especially for intimate garments and active-wear, where heat is known for breaking down the elasticity which causes them to stretch.


Microfibre Wash Bag

Washing garments made from regenerated ocean plastic (e.g your favourite Stay Wild set) means you run the risk of releasing tiny micro-fibres into the water system when they are washed. To combat this issue, grab yourself a GuppyFriend bag and simply wash any synthetic fabrics in your GuppyFriend, capture the micro-plastics and dispose of them responsibly to stop them entering the water system.


Learn Basic Mending

Instead of tossing it or taking it to your local dressmaker, learn a few basic mending techniques that will save your garment and your money.

a laundrette

Fold ‘em

Hanging your heavy sweaters in the wardrobe will cause the fabric to start to stretch and you’ll be left with a floppy jumper that you won’t want to wear again. This Winter, try folding your sweaters, especially when they’re handknits, to help maintain their shape for longer.


Button Up and Zip It

By buttoning, zipping or closing your garments, they will be less likely to catch and snag another fabric or even snap themselves. 


For those not-too-white white tees, and anything else you just can’t bear to throw away, throw them in a dye bath and rejuvenate their colour. Just follow the mixing directions of whatever dye you use, add it to the dye bath along with some water and they’ll be looking as good as new in no time.

Buy better, buy less

Our ethos we live by. Quality clothing will save you money in the long term as they are built to last and will survive season after season.


Have we missed anything? Let us know what else you do that helps extend the life of your clothing.