y found in rubber, vinyl and PVC) which have been proven to affect fertility in both women and men.  

Shop local

When you shop local, you support your local community. You also get the chance to tap into local knowledge and can generally expect better service from people who care about what they’re selling. And it’s often better for the environment.

Basically, the ‘shop local’ rules that apply to sourdough apply to strap-ons too. Although you might not find what you’re looking for at your Sunday Farmers’ Market...

Recycle your old toys

You’ve used, reused, and reused, and reused, and reused again. Then all of a sudden you realise ten years have gone by, your sexual preferences have changed and you need to recycle your old plastic companion. 

All you need to do is clean it and pop it in the post to the guys at Love Honey. Bless the poor soul who has to open those packages. 

Use what you already have

Perhaps the best way to get off sustainably is to use something you already have. As long as you’re sensible. And use a condom over anything - especially if it’s porous. 

I mean, I have heard of someone using their favourite crystal for a little chakrub. Disclaimer: Please don’t, that’s so dangerous, and not to mention unhygienic. 



*slight exaggeration, but you get the point


This article was contributed by Helen (@ringmybellsell), a Freelance Writer originally from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Having grown up surrounded by nature, she’s keen to help make our oceans and our environment healthier, and our animals (particularly dogs) happier.