Happy International Women’s Day all you incredible women out there!

Here at Stay Wild Swim we are proud women standing up for what we believe in, forging ahead in business, supporting each other and celebrating our diversity; essentially juggling #girlboss in one hand and compassion and care for one another in the other.

As you know we champion all body shapes and sizes and our brand imagery and identity makes this very obvious. We also did an open casting call on social media to encourage our incredible followers to take part in our campaigns. We are, put simply, women supporting women. Our founders are two strong women that took the plunge and started a business that’s not only supporting female diversity but is also championing our precious planet. Our web designers and digital gurus are Sassy Digital, which as you might have guessed from the name, a company specialising in Marketing and Design founded and run by women.

So we couldn’t be happier to announce that we are now partnering with the Young Women’s Trust throughout 2019 to build and foster this area of our business even more.

“Young Women's Trust supports and represents women aged 16-30 struggling to live on low or no pay in England and Wales and who are at risk of being trapped in poverty.” -

Their aim is to give all women a voice by campaigning on their behalf. They also run a free telephone and online support service and have a specific job application support service for woman ages 16-30.

Over the next year we will be doing events in partnership with the YWT, hosting panels and discussions, fundraising, and helping generally to raise awareness of them and what they do.

So, Happy IWD to all of you. Here is an important video from the Young Women’s Trust. Please give it a watch.