At Stay Wild, we’re big fans of anything that educates or empowers - which is why we love documentaries. Documentaries help to tell a real life story, which quite often relate to wider issues happening in the world. These 4 documentaries really stayed with us after watching and made us reconsider our everyday lives - covering topics from the racial inequality to sustainability.


13th on Netflix

A powerful documentary by filmmaker Ava DuVernay which explores how the American justice system disproportionately incarcerates African-Americans. This documentary lays bare the racial inequality that still exists in the United States and questions whether slavery as we know it was ever really abolished or whether it is now hiding in prisons.

Watch on: Netflix

Before The Flood

This documentary by National Geographic features Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey to five continents and the Arctic. Leonardo meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss how climate change affects our environment and what we might be able to do to take action against it. It’s a very informative documentary which advocates important change. 


Watch on: Amazon or Disney +


Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Zac Efron travels around the globe alongside his friend and wellness expert Darin Olien exploring how different countries implement sustainable living into everyday life and meeting with 'eco-innovators' to fix sustainability issues around the world. Down To Earth is a relatively lighthearted documentary which encourages social change and promotes living a more sustainable life.

Watch on: Netflix



This fascinating documentary explores how pop culture has represented transgender people and how often these representations are tainted with transfobia. Disclosure interviews trans celebrities, activists, and academics who examine this history of popular depictions of trans and gender-non conforming people. It also looks at how pop culture could be more inclusive in the future.

Watch on: Netflix


Have you watched any documentaries recently you think we need to know about? Make sure you share them with us!