Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. A total of 12 million tonnes a year, equivalent to a truck load a minute. At Stay Wild we are committed to not only fighting this problem but contributing to the solution. Every single element of our production is as sustainable and ethical as possible. The small details matter to us, as we hope they matter to you.


The Fabric

We are proud to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon. ECONYL® is created from unwanted waste from around the world, such as fishing nets pulled from the ocean and fabric scraps left over from industry. Using a radical regeneration process the nylon is brought back to its original purity and can be used to produce new products. Our ECONYL® yarn is sourced from Italy, where it is evaluated as a high quality, durable and sustainable techno-fibre - perfect for performance swimwear.  We also where possible up-cycle deadstock fabric in our swimwear collection and in our t-shirts.

Our Factory

We are proud to design and produce our pieces in our home, London, using a small local factory who aligns with our ethos. This allows us to remain heavily involved in every step of the production process, forming direct relationships with those creating our pieces and ensuring our high ethical and sustainable standards are met. Our factory:

  • Exceeds industry ethical standards with higher wages and world class working conditions.

  • Has a zero waste approach to garment production.

  • Only collaborates with ethical suppliers.

  • Focuses on quality and building pieces which last.

  • Uses biodegradable and eco friendly packaging.

  • Exclusively uses carbon neutral shipping.

  • Has energy saving motors on all equipment.

  • Sedex member and SMETA certified 

All in all, they embrace the slow fashion movement by creating pieces consciously, focusing on quality not quantity.


Packaging & Distribution

It is important to us that every element of Stay Wild Swim is as sustainable as possible. As a result, our hang tags and packaging are recycled and recyclable, our hygiene liners are compostable and made using tree pulp, our distribution centre is a small independent business in the UK and our shipping is carbon neutral.


Our Ethos

We are advocates or conscious consumption and encourage our customers to buy less but buy better. Our swimwear is beautiful, high quality and made to last. So instead of shopping for new swimwear every season, invest in one of our pieces and use it for years to come. To facilitate this, we also champion caring for your clothing. Click here to learn how to make your swimwear last as long as possible.



Producing swimwear from regenerated ocean plastic means our pieces run the risk of releasing tiny micro-fibres into the water system when they are washed. To combat this issue we became one of the first UK stockists of the GuppyFriend bag. We encourage our customers to wash any synthetic fabrics in their GuppyFriend, capture the micro-plastics and dispose of them responsibly to stop them entering the water system.


Celebrating Sustainability

We’re doing this for the planet, so this isn’t just about us. It is about a growing movement of businesses who use responsible practices. We want to celebrate those who are taking positive steps to lower their impact on the environment. Which is exactly why we have created the Forces of Nature directory; a hub of recommendations for the best eco-friendly brands from hotels through to homewares, and everything in between.


The Goal

Alongside ECONYL®, we are working towards a circular production system. Our ultimate goal is to be able to take back your used and loved Stay Wild pieces and regenerate them into beautiful new designs. The technology is currently in development and we will let you know as soon as this vision becomes a reality.