Let’s face it girls we love our beauty products. When we’re trying to use less plastic we often start with the easy things like plastic bags and single use plastic bottles. But unfortunately a lot of beauty products that we use every single day are packaged in plastic. Here’s our 7 simple swaps for a more sustainable beauty routine so that you can waste less while still going about your everyday pampering.


1.Facial Oil

Are you as obsessed with facial oils as we are? Choose a sustainable option and go for the Sea Horse Plankton High Definition facial oil by Beauty Kitchen. It contains natural marine extracts and the reviews speak for themselves! The packaging is also recyclable and re-usable. Beauty Kitchen offer a unique service where you can send your empty packaging back to them for free, they will then wash and reuse the packaging - which means less waste - hooray!

Alternatively if you are based in Central London, you can now pick up a bottle for life at Boots in Covent Garden, then refill it in store.

2. Soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturising bars

It’s time to give up plastic bottles. Shampoos, conditioners and soap are usually packaged in unnecessary plastic which inevitably ends up in the bathroom bin every couple of months. But these soap bars from Ethique are plastic free and carbon neutral, plus the soap is cruelty free and vegan. It also smells amazing!

3. Soap on a rope

Using soap as an alternative to shower gels that are often packaged in plastic is a simple but easy step to reducing your bathroom waste. These soaps are super cute, really useful if you don’t have a shelf in the shower and they last for a long time!


4. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Georganics make their toothbrushes from beech wood which is easily compostable and sustainable. They also replant every tree they cut down, so they have very little impact on the planet. Have a look at their range of toothpaste too, unlike many toothpastes, Georganics uses recyclable packaging and natural ingredients.

5. Cotton Buds

The Humble Co produce bamboo cotton buds which are made from biodegradable bamboo sticks and BPA free organic cotton. There is currently no way to recycle plastic cotton buds so they can end up in waterways or along shorelines forever! If that’s not reason enough to swap, these ones come in a cute pink colour too.


6. Makeup Remover Pads

Never buy makeup wipes or single use cotton pads again! The non-organic cotton farming industry is a major source of environmental pollution and regular cotton pads aren’t biodegradable due to the bleaching and mixing processes used to make them. So instead of polluting your planet, invest in these reusable  organic cotton makeup pads. Use these pads to either remove makeup or apply toner, then when you’re done, wash them in your usual laundry load and air dry….and they’re ready to go again!

7. Natural Deodorant

Unlike most deodorants which block your sweat glands by 20% using nasties like acids, aluminium, alcohol and fragrances, Your Nature natural deodorant allows your body to release toxins (as your body is supposed to) but keep bacteria from producing undesirable body odour. Your Nature uses natural ingredients which are free from aluminium and toxins. What’s even better is that all packaging is completely free of plastic and it’s also super cute.


Do you have anything to add to our list of best eco-friendly beauty products? We’d love you to share them with us in the comments section!