Knowing how to reduce your impact on the planet is not always that simple. Luckily there are a number of apps out there to help you navigate your way to a more sustainable lifestyle and hopefully you find something new here, however far you are into your sustainability journey.


Sustainable Development Goals in Action (SDGsinAction)

SDGsinAction is an app created by the United Nations (in collaboration with GSMA). The app has 17 goals, ranging from the protection of oceans and seas to the protection of the global ecosystem, and many others. On the app, you can learn why each goal matters, facts related to that goal and what actions you can take in your life to contribute to that goal. The app also has a news feed that allows you to keep up with what is going on in the world in relation to the 17 goals.



Ecosia is a search engine that you can download on your phone. Ecosia say that for every 45 searches made, a tree will be planted by using at least 80% of its profits for reforestation projects.



The Refill app has made tackling the plastic problem even easier by enabling you to find the nearest place to refill your reusable water bottle. Their aim is for users to never have to buy a plastic bottle again – and in case you haven’t got a reusable water bottle already, you can get your hands on a Refill X Chilly’s water bottle.


Good On You

It is no surprise that fast fashion has a huge detrimental impact on the planet. That is where the app Good On You comes in by rating fashion brands. You can search for a brand and see its overall brand rating, as well as a break down of its Labour, Environment and Animal ratings and information on why the brand has received those ratings. Whilst buying second hand is the most sustainable way to shop, this app is a simple way to ensure that when you do buy new clothes, you are making sustainable and ethical choices.


TooGoodToGo and OLIO

Food waste is harmful to the environment due to the gases it releases when in landfill. Both TooGoodToGo and OLIO are apps committed to reducing food waste. TooGoodToGo is an app that allows you to search for businesses nearby offering food for reduced prices, that would otherwise go to waste. On OLIO you can search listings nearby for surplus food and pick up something for free.

Think Dirty

Chemicals in our beauty products can have a damaging effect on the planet, such as chemicals in some suncream products that can damage coral. The app Think Dirty is a great way to educate yourself on the ingredients in your beauty and household products. You simply scan the barcode of your product and it will provide you information on the product, including its ingredients. The app also allows you to find cleaner products, a simple way to live more sustainably.



This post was contributed by Abi (@abithrasher_). Abi is a passionate environmentalist and animal rights activist, advocating a plant based and low waste lifestyle.