Us humans have created a world for ourselves that makes it pretty damn hard to avoid having a environmentally damaging effect on our planet unless you were to live in the middle of nowhere, live of the fat of the land, run a completely energy efficient and solar powered house etc etc…Instead, a lot of the food we eat has been flown half way across the world, (and farmed non-organically), we’ve developed a penchant for exotic holidays and jet setting at the drop of a hat, we over consume animal produce and we buy in to the fashion industry’s 52 micro seasons a year. That’s right, 52 micro seasons….what once was two buying seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter has now become a money making machine that churns out garment after garment encouraging us to buy as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Well, we think it is SO unnecessary, especially with so many of us having wardrobes bursting full of clothes already. And so to the title of this blog post: Beg, borrow, steal. Let’s just clear one thing up though - we aren’t condoning stealing, it’s just how the phrase goes 🤷


Seen a friend of yours wearing something amazing? Why not ask her if you can borrow it? Or our personal fave, raid your Mum’s wardrobe because there is always such great stuff in there. There was a time when no one liked to tell their friends where their clothes were from for fear of them copying them and buying the same item. Looking back on this how crazy were we? Sharing clothes is one of the most sustainable ways to shop and if you’re friends are asking where your threads are form then take it as a compliment and lend them something - let’s support each other in our mutual efforts to look and feel great.



Clothes swaps are all the rage and if you haven’t been to one yet, then please do come out from underneath your rock. Organisations like Stories Behind Things and so many others (just have a google) are organising clothes swaps all over London, often with designer items, although you’ll need to get there early for that! Combined with Wellness offerings these events are a great way to meet likeminded individuals and do your bit for the planet. Get something new at no extra cost to your wallet, our environment and the many women, men and children that create fast fashion item after fast fashion item in appalling conditions.



For when you need something extra special there are rental websites that sent you your chosen item for a pre-determined length of time. Wedding clothes shopping is probably one of the single most wasteful ‘types’ of shopping out there. What is it about receiving a wedding invitation that makes us think we need something new because we can’t possibly be photographed in the same dress we wore to our last friend’s wedding? IT’S OKAY TO WEAR THE SAME THING TWICE, THREE TIMES, FOUR TIMES…you get the picture.

For those occasions when you do want something extra special, there’s a myriad of rental sites. One of our favourites is Hurr, has an incredible range of designer pieces for rental which will instantly up your wedding dress game. We think it’s an amazing initiative as it gives you that ‘something new’ feeling without the environmental cost.


Finally, if you do have to shop, make it sustainable. There are a lot of brands out there now trying to do things in a more conscious and less reckless way. Personally we feel like a bikini isn’t necessarily something you’d want to rent, that’s why we made ours from recycled materials, in small size runs and with carbon neutral shipping.