How to Up-Cycle Your Wardrobe

Many of us should be looking into ways to live a life more sustainably, whether that be by consuming less or simply remembering to turn plugs off around the home more, there are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. In this blog piece, we wanted to teach you all about how to upcycle your wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion is something that is on most people's mind at the minute, as the world of fast-fashion is damaging to the environment. Any piece of fabric can become a garment if you want it to be, you just have to think outside of the box a little bit. Think old dresses, or even old skirts, these can become completely new items if you want them to.

We wanted to create a handy little guide to up-cycling your wardrobe, it can be incredibly simple and it allows you to upgrade your look with no cost to the environment.

@blueprintdiy is an incredible little instagram page. Angelina has gained a mass following from showing her followers how they can recycle the clothing that they already own, and utilise them in many new and trendy ways. Her speciality is creating entirely new pieces from fabric that is already in her wardrobe, so for her, a dress can be turned into a top! She also has a YouTube channel if you’re feeling curious. 


Another fantastic account to follow is @genvavanderzeil. This wonderful page boasts plenty of tips on how to upcycle your wardrobe, and how to use waste materials and fabrics and turn them into completely new pieces. One of her specialities is adapting pieces that she finds in charity shops and putting her own personal spin on them. Take a look at this fantastic little blog piece by clicking here


Whilst this may not be an Instagram account, we have found this fantastic blog that allows you to learn how to dye your clothing with plant-based dyes. This blog shows you how you can utilise plants around your home. Some things that you may not feel are useful ordinarily actually can turn into home-made dyes! Check it out by clicking here


Another firm favourite of ours is the lovely @sewrendipity account. This little hidden gem is all about sustainably customising your current wardrobe. This site covers absolutely everything that you could possibly need to know about upcycling, from handy little blogs to videos of how to use a sewing machine, this is where you should be looking.


These are just a few handy sites to help you upcycle your wardrobe. Any piece of clothing can become something completely new if you put your own spin on it.