In 2018 REN Clean Skincare pledged to go Zero Waste by 2021. The goal is that their packaging will be completely reusable, refillable and recyclable, in a bid to say ‘so long’ to single-use plastic. Here’s what steps they’ve been taking to raise the game in what it means to be a truly ‘clean’ skincare brand - in both their formula and packaging.


Recycled and recyclable packaging.

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, in fact every piece of plastic created is still somewhere on our planet today. So why create more? Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30, the latest innovation from REN Clean Skincare uses 50% recycled plastic in its packaging, with a 100% recycled cap. There’s a certain amount of virgin plastic to keep the bottle durable enough for use, however as the tube is made from 100% one-type plastic, it’s recycled widely. The importance of recyclable packaging is in response to many recycling plants not being able to recycle tubes as they pollute the recycling stream. And for this innovation, REN Clean Skincare has been awarded the first Circpack Certification from SUEZ - for designing packaging with circularity in mind.


Proudly cutting packaging corners.

Looking good naked isn’t easy - but REN Clean Skincare’s cleansers sure do. In 2018, they ditched their boxes to cut out cardboard waste, leaving only essential cardboard that needed legal requirements displayed on-box in other products. They removed double labels making their products easier to recycle, and switched their pumps to become more efficient, saving on formula making sure they dispense every drop.


Ocean Plastic - the skincare solution.

If you’ve read our post on Ocean Plastic, you’ll know that consumers and companies alike need to take action against plastic pollution. Enter the pioneering Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium range. With a body wash and body cream, in packaging containing 20% reclaimed ocean plastic, and 80% from recycled plastic it helps keep plastic out of both oceans and landfill. Look out for the grey-hued bottles - they’re a sign of sustainability and working toward a plastic-free future for the ocean.


Putting a stop to single use.

REN Clean Skincare are also pioneering premium refillable solutions, too. Announced by TerraCycle at the World Economic Forum, the Loop™ initiative will challenge worldwide

reliance on single-use plastic, boosting the circular economy for brands and their customers. REN Clean Skincare have chosen six bestselling face and body formulas, repacked in glass bottles that’ll be collected, sterilised and refilled. Launching in late 2019 - you can read more about the process on their Clean Thoughts Blog and keep an eye on how they’re helping change the face of premium beauty.

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