When we first dove into a sustainable lifestyle the hardest part was not giving up waste, fast fashion or animal products. The hardest part was feeling like we were giving up on our culture, sense of self and home. When we discovered we could keep our roots and sustainability we elevated our eco-lifestyles into simply our lives.

As third culture kids growing up in Scandinavia, and America and Switzerland respectively and now living in the UK, we have strong ties to our cultures and backgrounds. We have moved numerous times in our lives and have picked up bits and pieces from each place that now form our overall culture. Throughout our lives we have learned that you don’t have to give up your sense of self to become an eco warrior.

In the United States, it is common to go out to pumpkin patches and strawberry fields to pick fruits and vegetables. Though this is great for local businesses in the area, monocrops are sadly not great for the planet. To keep the tradition and feeling of connection to the planet we now forage for wild foods such as apples, wild garlic, blackberries and mushrooms. This is also a really important part of Scandinavian culture, something we are happy we don’t have to miss out on.

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It can be difficult to make a house a home when you relocate so often. While many get furniture and kitchenware handed down from their families, we aren’t able to because we are separated by oceans. Buying all of our furniture from IKEA doesn’t seem to bring that family vibe. Instead, we get our preloved furniture from kind strangers and second-hand shops. This way, our furniture brings character and a sense of love and comfort into our home, while supporting local charity shops and not letting the furniture go to landfill. 


By finding what really matters in your traditions, you don’t have to lose your culture. Sustainability is about being in tune with the environment and doing what you can; it should feel simple and attainable. Focus on love, community and family rather than simply continuing the habits you have previously been taught. 

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This blog post was contributed by Ingrid and Rhianna, who form the eco warriors, a couple using Instagram to promote an eco friendly lifestyle. Discussing culture, sustainability and activism through their platform, they have created a small positive corner of the internet to encourage and support their community.

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