The natural beauty revolution is gathering some serious momentum right now, and for good reason. We’re all realising that it’s firstly better for the planet to not be manufacturing harsh chemicals and secondly better for our health to not be slathering these chemicals onto our skin on a daily basis.

Enter New Zealand brand Antipodes; one of the ‘cleanest’ natural skincare brands out there - and my goodness do their products work! Our favourite is the Avocado Pear night cream, but we’re sold on pretty much everything really.

Why we love them: Their pure plant oil producers tend to their orchards and fields with natural compounds to yield nutrient-rich fruit. Their manuka honey comes from sustainable hives in New Zealand’s remotest locations and one of the world’s most sustainable wine producers gives us the raw material needed for our innovative Vinanza antioxidants, extracted using innovative clean water methods to lower the chemical load on Earth. Their packaging is recyclable too!


Antipodes beauty products