Divine Chocolate - an ethical Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day is all about loving your partner but you can also love your planet too with an eco-conscience gift. 

Divine Chocolate is an ethically grown and ethically traded chocolate company in Ghana that is owned partially by 100,000 farmers who grow, harvest and process the cacao. This means that the farmers have a secure source of Fair Trade income and can decide how their money is invested into their communities. Divine is the only Fair Trade chocolate company that is co-owned by farmers. More than a third of the farmers are women and Divine empowers and supports women in cocoa farming so they can develop skills to grow better cocoa, build better communities, and thrive in business. 

Divine looks to reduce its environmental impact by using limited airfreight in their supply chain, sourcing almost all its seasonal packaging locally in the UK and becoming plastic-free on their products. Divine is committed to preserving the environment and chooses to not use palm oil in its products to reduce deforestation and invests in green power during the sourcing and manufacturing stages. 

Not only does Divine Chocolate have eco-friendly benefits, it is soya-free, vegan certified and uses Fairtrade cocoa, sugar and vanilla ingredients. 

Lady holding cocoa