Did you know that antiperspirants actually block your sweat pores, whereas deodorants mask or neutralise body odour? The awesome people at Earth Conscious understand that sweating is natural and instead of blocking sweat pores you should try to combat the antisocial smell caused by bacteria in sweat. Earth Conscious deodorant formula is antibacterial and anti-fungal - leaving you feeling and smelling fresh all day. Their formula is made up of all natural ingredients including coconut oil and shea butter formula and is made on the Isle of Wight. Both their products also come in sustainable packaging.

They currently offer 4 different ranges:

  • citrus fresh - grapefruit & lemon + lemon & rosemary

  • floral fragrance - lavender & tea tree + jasmine & rose

  • strong protection

  • pure unscented

Why we love them: On top of all this, for every product sale they donate 10p to the Marine Conservation Society.