Maria Castillo

Maria Castillo Lingerie
Maria Callisto is a bespoke lingerie brand that caters to women who want something handmade and personal for special occasions. The high quality and care we put into our products makes it not your everyday shop, but you're go-to for special occasions. High skill is paired with innovation recycling, refashioning customers' scraps of fabric from, say, wedding dresses, into lingerie-repurposing and invigorating them.

We are constantly inspired by our environment - we live in an amazing world but sadly we as humans fail to see the magic in our everyday life. Maria Callisto aspires to be very aware and transparent with our brand structure while also reflecting our values of gentleness and gratefulness for our environment.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable, where each piece arrives in postal boxes that we advise you recycle. We only use tissue paper and never buy or package with plastic or plastic based oxo biodegradable materials.

Our HONEYMOON package has a particular focus on sustainability, solving a problem brides have faced over centuries:what to do with their remnant fabrics from alteration and that old wedding dress tucked away in the depth of their closet. Our custom bridal range is handmade from preloved wedding dresses, preventing waste by repurposing beautiful leftover fabric and trims.

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