Saints Coffee

Saints Coffee wanted to bring a new, high quality and ethical coffee shop to Northampton. In doing so, it was vital to give back to the communities the coffee serves. Therefore, social impact is at the heart of everything they do - from the way they source their coffee, decor and equipment, to the way we employ and work with people.

When you buy their coffee, you'll be getting great quality beans for your daily caffeine hit and you'll be helping communities worldwide as 25% of profits from online orders will go towards their social goals by supporting projects in Northampton, across the UK and in the countries where the coffee is sourced.

A good example is their 'Saints Breaking New Ground' single origin coffee. This coffee is sourced from Uganda via the ethical Zukuka Bora Coffee Project, roasted in the UK by ex-offenders in partnership with prisons and then a proportion of profits enable social projects in Northampton.

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