Period pants are likely to be on your sustainable radar already, but have you been brave enough to try them? If not then pluck up the courage, they are awesome! There are a few brands out there but THINX are by far our favourites that we’ve tried. And just to clear up the inevitable right now, no, they do not feel gross and icky to wear! And if you really don’t believe us, have a watch of this video and see for yourself how they work.

Their award-winning facility based in Sri Lanka operates under three pillars: female leadership, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Why we love them: They are part of the Products Made Better Programme which recycles industrial sludge into paving bricks, 220,000 bricks have been produced (and counting!). They also implement the Women Go Beyond Programme which provides supplemental education with classes in entrepreneurial development, English, and information technology, ensures a safe working environment and empowers female employees with long-term growth and leadership opportunities



Thinx underwear