We love finding a new beauty product that comes firstly in sustainable packaging, in this case glass, that actually works as well as it’s planet-poor counterpart and looks good on our bathroom shelf, know what we mean?!

Wild Sage & Co make the most gorgeous products form minerals, clays, oils and plants and they make soap, baby products, balms, hair products and face products too. Pretty comprehensive if you’re looking for a one stop natural beauty shop.

In particular we love this conditioner. We’ve found that shampoo bars work really well for cleaning the hair, but that conditioner bars often aren’t as effective. This conditioner is so luxurious and really works. Also, it has organic broccoli oil it…certainly one way to get your greens!

Why we love them: Did you know that conventional conditioner contains micro plastics? We know, so shocking. There are, of course, zero plastics in this jar!


WILD SAGE & CO candle