“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly.

We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’

- Anne Marie Bonneau


We don’t need to lecture you about how harmful plastic is to our amazing planet, you already know. But if you are considering reducing your plastic this July (whether that’s just making a few simple swaps or trying to completely cut it out) we wanted to share a few of our tips and blog posts for avoiding plastic.


The food we buy from supermarkets often comes packaged in so much unnecessary plastic. Avoid prepackaged food by going to bulk stores or plastic-free stores. You could also find out if there are any farmers markets local to you, just remember to take your own Tupperware / reusable bags!


Change your attitude towards shopping, shop for things you really need as opposed to want. When you do buy new things consider whether there is a better / more sustainable alternative. Buy better rather than more. Consider whether you can repurpose something you already have or borrow from a friend or family member.


Instead of using disposable sanitary products, swap for a moon cup or use reusable pads. Read our blog post on sustainable periods to learn about some plastic free period options.



There are loads of swaps you can make to be more sustainable in your kitchen. Clingfilm and tinfoil can be a big source of waste in the kitchen, for storing leftovers use food containers to reduce waste. We love the Elephant Boxes.

Read this blog post for a handful of habits to make your kitchen a bit more eco-friendly:



It’s estimated that in the US, 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year and they take over 400 years to decompose. It couldn’t be simpler to swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush this July and onwards. Swap liquid soap for soap bars avoiding single use plastic pots and pumps. You can read more about how to transform your bathroom into a more sustainable this blog post.


Do your best to take a reusable water bottle with you anywhere you go. Always have it in your bag! You can even take it onboard a plane if you empty it before you get through security. In case you don't have one yet, buy one! They are a great investment.

Heatwave ready ❄️💧♻️ our reusable water bottle not only looks chic, reduces single use plastic. But the wide lid means you can fit ice cubes in keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours 😎💧❄️


If you're a coffee/tea/milk/hot chocolate drinker, get yourself a reusable coffee cup to save getting a disposable cup every time. You can get them in various shops and online, and they come in different sizes. Just as your water bottle, have this in your handbag you whenever you go out.


Extend your plastic free July to the workplace (if you aren’t working from home) and start the discussion with your coworkers on how you can all reduce plastic waste at the office.



July is the perfect month for picnics! It’s time to get in the sunshine and enjoy some delicious food. This is also a great time to reduce your plastic waste! In this blog posted we shared our top products and tips for having a sustainable picnic.

Picnic basket


Convenience food is increasingly popular (we see you Deliveroo fans) but the food is often in unnecessary plastic packaging. Try and offer to collect your food so that you can pick it up in your own Tupperware avoiding their takeaway containers. If your food does arrive in plastic takeaway containers, wash them up and use them as Tupperware / freezable food containers.

Sasstainable’s cutlery set is easy to carry around in your handbag as a handy alternative to plastic cutlery and straws.


“Plastic Free July isn't just about buying a reusable cup or bag, it's giving people the tools to change their habits, to pause and think how we as individuals can make an impact for the better and reduce our reliance on plastic.”

Erin Rhoads, Author 'Waste Not'



Looking for even more inspiration to start your Plastic Free July? Read about what others have been doing in their homes and on the go to reduce their plastic this July.